A Fully Managed Web-based Remote Access VPN Service For Small And Medium Businesses

a Small Business VPN service takes the stress out of setting up and managing remote user and remote office connections.Fast. Simple. Secure
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Small Business VPN Service To Easily Connect Your Remote Offices and Employees

Finally, you no longer need to deal with the complexity of installing and configuring special VPN software or equipment to provide secure remote access to your company files, data and applications. Save your business time and money ... and save yourself loads of frustration.

Give Remote Workers Access To The Office Network
... Just Like They Were There

The AccessAnywhere Managed VPN Service lets your employees and remote offices access the information they need to do their job no matter where they are. Using a laptop, home computer or any internet enabled PC your users will be able to do all of the following:

File Folder

Access Office Files

Directly access shared folders and files on office computers or NAS storage servers. Work directly on MS-Office files and more, as if they were local to your PC. Network drive mappings created in the office, work without change when connected to the VPN.

Remote Control

Remote Access To Office Computers and Servers

Provide users with secure Remote Desktop access to their office computers or Windows Terminal Servers extending the full office environment to remote devices.

Mobile Device

Connect With Mobile Devices

Apple and Android mobile devices and tablets are powerful computing devices that can provide you with truly mobile connectivity to the office network.

Secure Remote Workers Wi-Fi HotSpot Usage

Prevent hacker attacks and privacy breaches when employees use open wireless hotspots by encrypting all traffic through your office VPN tunnel.


Connect To Office Databases

Directly connect local business applications to head office database servers. Ideal for e-mail or SQL databases.
File Sharing

Multi-User File Sharing

Easily share files, like an ACT! or QuickBooks - simultaneously with other remote users, without locking up an office desktop.

No Hardware To Buy Or Software To Configure

AccessAnywhere is especially designed for small and medium sized businesses that need to deliver flexible and secure VPN services to their employees or remote offices without compromising security or having to purchase equipment, hire staff or manage software.

AccessAnywhere Manages And Supports Your VPN... 7x24x365

Your company is provided with a dedicated AccessAnywhere Remote Access VPN Platform free-of-charge. It is for your company's private use and is completely managed, maintained, and suppported 7x24x365, all for a low monthly subscription fee.

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