A Fully Managed Web-based Remote Access VPN Service For Small And Medium Businesses

Remotely access your desktop or company servers from anywhere in the world.
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How AccessAnywhere Provides A Simple, Secure VPN Service

Small and medium sized businesses can now deliver flexible and secure remote access VPN services to their employees without compromising their company network or having to purchase equipment, hire staff or manage software.

A Dedicated SSL VPN Appliance For Your Company

VPN RouterShortly after sign-up an AccessAnywhere Remote Access Platform arrives at your office completely pre-configured. All you have to do is provide it with power, and connect it to your network. The SSL VPN appliance is for the exclusive use of your company, and is not shared with other AccessAnywhere subscribers.

: The VPN Appliance can also be hosted on your behalf when appropriate.

Secure Identity Tokens For Your Users

Each user can be optionally issued software authentication token that is used to access your computing resources. Users authenticate with their username and a password which consists of a PIN and a "one-time use random number password" generated by the token. Unlike other services using less secure username and password authentication schemes, you never have to provide us or any 3rd party with your office password, so your network security is maintained.

Personalized Access Profiles

AccessAnywhere's Operations Center will set-up profiles specific to your company and your users so that they will have access to everything they need when they are remote, and of course nothing that they shouldn't have access to. Since access to resources can be controlled at a very granular level, you get better security.

Direct Point-Point Connections

Unlike most other managed services, AccessAnywhere's remote users do not connect to your network by first travelling through a centralized shared service. With AccessAnywhere they connect directly to the SSL VPN appliance on your network, using the shortest possible path, and that means better performance and more productivity for remote users.

Full Network Connectivity with "Zero-Config" VPN Client

With no configuration options, our AnywhereLAN Connect VPN client is easily installable by regular, non-technical end-users. Once installed and connected, users, can have full network-level access, just like if there were in the office

Simple Secure Access To Files, PC's, Servers, and Intranets

AccessAnywhere's powerful SSL VPN technology will allow your users to securely run virtually any application that needs to access servers or files back at the office ... just like they were in the office.

Monitoring, Maintenance, Management and Support

Think of AccessAnywhere as your team of networking experts. We will monitor the heath of your VPN 7x24x365, and immediately remediate any issues that arise. We'll make sure you have all the latest updates, and so all the configuration, tuning, and management for you. Of course, when you or your users have problems, you can count on us to respond quickly, and because we don't have to come on-site, time to resolution is usually measured in minutes, not hours or days.


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