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AccessAnywhere SSL VPN vs IPSec VPNs

In the 90's, IPSec VPN's revolutionized the way that remote workers connected to a business. Unfortunately, VPN's bring along the administrative headaches and high costs of support and configuration associated with the need to install VPN client software on the remote workers laptop.

On the other hand, SSL based products like AccessAnywhere, leverage client software that is part of all standard web browsers and therefore already installed on the remote workers PC. This "clientless" feature eliminates the high costs of maintaining remote VPN clients and enables a level of simplicity and flexibility to remote workers that VPN's just can't offer.

Why have a remote access VPN if you can't connect from critical locations?

In addition to having high support costs, VPN's prevent remote workers from connecting back to their corporate resources while behind the firewall at a hotel, a customer office or a partner site.
More importantly, VPN's have become a prime traversal route for the spread of worms and viruses since the remote VPN client is directly connected to the company network.

AccessAnywhere connects remote users to authorized data, NOT the company network!

AccessAnywhere delivers "clientless" access to authorized resources without connecting users directly to the corporate LAN. This indirect connection hides the corporate LAN address and protects the company network against the spread of worms and viruses and the potential security breach from laptop theft.

AccessAnywhere vs IPSec VPN: Summary Comparison

AccessAnywhere VPN
Monthly user cost
Web-based access
Access from Anywhere
Remote client security  
Remote PC security
Yes No
Access only authorized applications
Traverse any firewall

As more organizations struggle with the right balance of access control, security and overall user acceptance, SSL based products like AccessAnywhere provide a perfect fit.

The result is that analysts at META Group have predicted that 80% of remote access will take place over SSL based products like Accessanywhere by 2007.

John Girard, VP and research director at Gartner, Inc. commented in a report that best describes the value of SSL based products like AccessAnywhere:

"Enterprises that want easier and more flexible ways to deploy secure remote access should considers SSL for new investments and as upgrades for legacy VPN's. Many enterprises implement complete VPN's where simpler, easier, less expensive private access could be created by using SSL-based solutions"

Because AccessAnywhere offers the functionality and security of a large enterprise without the associated costs, you get a better option for remote and direct connections to your enterprise resources.


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