A Fully Managed Web-based Remote Access VPN Service For Small And Medium Businesses

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AccessAnywhere for pcAnywhere

"Personal remote control may be carelessly
implemented and can dismantle perimeter security."

John Girard, Gartner Group, March 2005

The AccessAnywhere Remote Access Platform protects your pcAnywhere hosts behind a secure perimeter gateway that manages the policy for who gets access to what pcAnywhere hosts.

Furthermore, our use of "one time" random number passwords provide conclusive proof of a user's identity before they get access to confidential company information hosted on pcAnywhere PCs. By requiring an individual to present two forms of identification: a PIN and a one-time passcode number that appears on the provisioned token, it is virtually impossible to steal or replicate a user's identity information.

Traverse Firewalls and Address Translation Routers

With AccessAnywhere remote users no longer need to be concerned about firewall configurations or other obstacles that typically get in the way of efficient use of pcAnywhere when outside the office.

Plus, You Don't Need To Be Limited To Remote Control.

AccessAnywhere provides you with secure access to all your company information resources, not just your PC.

Access Your Files
Directly map a Windows shared folder to your remote PC and work directly on your office files, as if they were local to your PC.

Remote Control Your Office PC
Fully control the mouse and keyboard of your office PC, just like you were there.

Connect To Office Servers
Directly connect client applications to your back-office servers. Ideal for e-mail, database, terminal emulation
Access Your Internal Web Pages
Publish web-based content like HR manuals or price lists that only authorized users can access without the hassle of setting up a secure web server.
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