A Fully Managed Web-based Remote Access VPN Service For Small And Medium Businesses

Gain secure, network access to business files stored on office servers and storage devicesFast. Simple. Secure.
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AccessAnywhere for Remote File Access

Remote Users Can Access Network Files Just As If They Were in The Office

Just as if a long network cable were stretched between your remote users and your office, the AccessAnywhere VPN provides users with full access to the office network. This means that computers configured to connect to network resources in the office, will work transparently, outside of the office. No special configurations required.

Access the Office Files by Mapping a Network Drive

Just as if you were setting up another user on your office network, remote users will be able to map a network drive to your office server. Using AccessAnywhere's AnywhereLAN Connect client, connections to your main office servers are secured using high strength SSL encryption and your servers are protected from the risks of the Internet.

High Performance Direct Connection

When connected, remote users communicate directly with your companies servers. No sensitive company data or proprietary information is ever transmitted across AccessAnywhere's network or servers ensuring that confidential data remains confidential and system performance is not degraded.

Get Access to More Than Just Files

Remote Desktop Control
Fully control the mouse and keyboard of your office PC, just like you were there.

Client/Server Connections
Directly connect client applications to your back-office servers. Ideal for e-mail, database, terminal emulation

Web Content Access
Publish web-based content like HR manuals or price lists that only authorized users can access without the hassle of setting up a secure web server.

Non-Windows File Access
Securely access, transfer and backup important files to/from Macs, Unix, Linux and Netware servers.


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